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The Mason Properties is a US national Real estate company located in DeKalb, Illinois. To figure out why customers choose Mason Properties and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    Amy Davidson
    Posted Mar, 29 2019
    I have lived in the "Luxury" townhomes for 1 month...only made 1 rent payment... than received a letter letting me know I had 30 days to renew my lease for an increase of $200 more per month or else my unit will be put on the list for available rentals...mind you I previously stated that I had JUST moved in and my lease is active until July 2018. The lousy repairs that were done after the previous tenants had moved out already started to fail, ex; my medicine cabinet was unlevel causing my stuff to fall out whenever I opened it, my towel rack came out of the wall exposing the 2 previous failed attempts of repair , and poor drywall patching that is already crumbling apart. They send maintenance people that show up at your house whenever they choose with no advance warning... and once catching me still in bed banging on my bedroom door. I have now lived there three months and the repairs that they have come to do have been left a mess. The drywall was left on my floor for me to come home and find and clean up, the cabinents were replaced leaving holes and marks on my wall...which Im sure will be deducted out of MY security deposit. Needless to say there is nothing luxurious about these townhouses beside the paper thin walls which allow you to hear if the person in the next room turns over in their bed or even sniffs their nose. If your looking for a place to rent...keep looking!!
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